About Ghost Squawk

Ghost Squawk began as a programming project attempting to give retail traders an advantage in the markets by providing them with real-time breaking news headlines that are market moving. We started by simply aggregating news sources and presenting them in an easy to digest format. The technology has evolved to include machine learning to create a smarter and more powerful tool that assists individual retail traders with interpreting Risk On / Risk Off elements in various markets. Since then, we have incorporated an educational component from our teaching experience to help new traders learn how to approach trading the markets using tools and strategies developed by large financial institutions.

Ghost Squawk has now transformed into a financial technologies company that includes our AI Chatbot which uses machine learning technology to help institutional/retail traders interpret financial market risks, proprietary technical trading indicators, algorithmic trading solutions and educational content for new traders.

Mission Statement

Helping speculators, traders and investors make better decisions in the markets using AI technology.

About Chien

Chien Doan attended Seneca College and Concordia University majoring in business administration and finance before moving onto starting his career working for several startup companies focusing in Financial Technologies. Throughout this time, he developed and honed his skills in trading financial derivatives instruments primarily focusing on strategies around news driven events and the understanding of high frequency trading technology.

After this, he went onto work for a trading and financial institution in Montreal, where he eventually became the Head of Education and was responsible for the development of course content, teaching and mentoring students to become professional traders. Over this period of time, he taught over 200 students and institutional clients on how to properly approach financial markets by understanding core fundamental, technical and brokerage industry concepts that eventually allowed would be traders to become consistent and profitable.  He now serves of the Co-Founder and CEO of Ghost Squawk.

About Daniel

Daniel Kovach graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and two Bachelor of Science degrees in Math and Physics. He began his career as a NASA Analyst through his MS program at FIT. Subsequently, he worked as a Machine Learning Specialist at Raytheon, and helped design their corporate firewall, ‘Rayshield’ as well as actively contributing to many other R&D projects. He has also served as a consultant to many companies including LiveTV, Palo Alto Networks, among others.

Academic research has been a focus of his career since 2006, and he has spoken all over the world at conferences in Greece, India, Hungary and more, most notably for his contributions to Non-Archimedean Number Theory, Machine Learning, Cyber Security. His biggest contribution is the ‘Computational Theory of Intelligence’. He currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at Citibank, creating and implementing data solutions with C-level visibility.

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