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Best Bond Trading Ideas Amid Covid

After plummeting a full handle, ZN seems like it is poised to retrace a bit. The collapse has created several vacuum zones and it is reasonable that it retraces slightly. It looks like we are seeing an inverse head and shoulders pattern in ZN, which suggest an upside breakout. It is important to let the right shoulder fully form. Then […]

The Best Way to Trade the Gold Selloff

Gold has cratered along with the other safe havens. It has careened through the 1900 handle back down to 1800’s, currently finding support at 1863, which is a strong technical and Fibonacci level. It appears to have completed the 5-3 Elliott Wave. Observe that even with this correction, gold can still be considered in a ‘bull phase’. Especially considering the […]

Top Gold Trading Ideas

Gold has taken its first sustained dip, and this is the first time in over a week we may be able to pick up some at less than $2000. This still seems to be a retracement into the overall bull trend. It appears we finally have seen the corrective wave of the 5-3 Elliott Wave. The Kovach OBV has dipped, […]

The Best Way to Trade the Eurodollar

The Eurodollar has retreated slightly from highs it achieved earlier this week. Currently, it is knocking about 99.815, the lower bound of this newly established price range. At this point it could bounce and test the upper bound again, or break lower and test 99.800, a level it has very much respected in the past. The Kovach OBV has dropped […]

Best Way to Trade the Stock Rally

Stocks have made new relative highs again. They seem to have paused in between the last level and 3357, the nearest relative high, forming a new technical level at 3329. The next level above, 3357, will serve as the next milestone for the S&P to break. The Kovach OBV is not nearly as strong with this stock rally as it […]

Top Trading Ideas for Stocks

The S&P has broken relative highs. We have to go back to March for levels from above which it will test before retracing. The relative strength of stocks with respect to safe havens is not nearly as strong as measured by the Kovach OBV. Thus the break in intermarket correlations is suspect and we may anticipate a retracement soon. The […]

Best Ways to Trade Gold During Coronavirus

We anticipated some ranging in gold before another breakout. Looks like we were a bit ambitious as to the breakout but we did see a bounce off 1973, as predicted. Gold does seem to be having trouble breaking out to new highs, which is understandable after how much it has rallied. The Kovach OBV has pretty much flatlined, so anticipate […]

Best Gold Trading Ideas

Gold continues to rally, having stalled at the psychological and technical level of $2000. The Kovach OBV has flatlined, indicating that it may range for a bit, feeling out new highs. Avoid fomo-ing into a trade here. Although we are still bullish of gold, a retracement is to be expected (and even necessary) for the sustained appreciation of this product. […]

Best Bond Trading Strategies after FOMC

Bonds have broken out above relative highs and seem to be stalling about midway to the next level. The next level is 140’18 right before all time highs at 140’25. ZN is currently having some trouble with 140’06, which seems to emerge as a new technical level. Watch for a retracement here before bonds ascend more. The Kovach OBV is […]

Best Coronavirus Trading Ideas for Stocks

Stocks did not get too much of a boost from the FOMC event yesterday, unlike other assets. Right now, the S&P is still hovering between the range we have been watching for a while now, between 3200, a technical, psychological, and Fibonacci level, and 3280, a relative high and Fibonacci level. However, Ghostsquawk’s risk sentiment analysis is picking up some […]

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