What is Ghost Squawk?

Ghost Squawk is an AI Chatbot that aggregates and reads breaking news and headlines from various trusted sources relevant to the financial markets. Additionally, it leverages a proprietary machine learning algorithm to provide traders with a metric of risk sentiment in the markets. This powerful tool helps users gain an edge in day trading or investing by alerting you to relevant headlines impacting the forex, stock, bond, commodity or crypto currency markets. Try it now and see how Ghost Squawk can help you become a more consistently profitable trader.

Quantguy Indicators Package


In this document, you will find information on all of the indicators that are included in the package. These include momentum indicators and cryptocurrency-specific indicators.

Momentum Indicators Package and Reversals Package


  1. Kovach OBV
  2. Kovach Chande
  3. Kovach Momentum Indicator
  4. Kovach Reversals

Kovach OBV and Chande

In general, you can think of the Kovach OBV as ‘long term momentum’ and the Kovach Chande as ‘short term momentum’. So for example, when the Kovach OBV is strong, but the Kovach Chande dips, it might be a long signal.

Kovach Momentum Indicator

The Kovach Momentum Indicator measures very short term impulses in momentum. This can be used to predict what the rest of the day will look like given a large spike in momentum in the morning or after a risk event.

Kovach Reversals Indicator

On the reversals indicator, triangles represent reversals. So you could either use that as a confirmation of a reversion to the mean during a ranging period, or use it as a sign of a retracement in a trend.

Crypto Indicators

  1. Kovach Altcoin Index
  2. Kovach Crypto Spread

Kovach Altcoin Index

This index is a weighted average of the top 5 altcoins by market capitalization. Since this changes often, the index is updated weekly. You can think of it as the S&P 500, but for altcoins.

It’s extremely useful to get a feel for the flow of funds between bitcoin and the other altcoins.

Kovach Crypto Spread

With the Kovach Crypto Spread, we can visualize the returns on Bitcoin vs the top altcoins by market capitalization. Since the market capitalization changes frequently, this indicator is updated weekly.

If the indicator is in positive, bitcoin is providing better returns than the altcoins. If the indicator is negative, the converse is true.


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